Play For All Abilities Park

Located in Round Rock TX, Play for All Abilities Park is a 51,000-square-foot adventurous playground that will be sure to delight your kids. This park will help develop your kiddos’ physical fitness, motor skills, coordination, self-esteem, confidence, and social skills.

The inspiration for this park began with Kenneth Seymore, a Round Rock citizen who wanted to make sure his son Dennis could play on a regular playground. It took five years and a community-wide effort to make this dream a reality. This is a fantastic article to read.

Swing Pod

This pod is a great place for children of all abilities to practice sensory processing and regulation, independence, and core strength. It also provides opportunities to build self-esteem and confidence through social interaction and non-verbal communication.

The Swing Pod includes several different swing bays for children of all abilities to enjoy. These include wheelchair swings, molded swivel swings, belt swings, bucket swings, and saucer swings. FCPR-inclusive swings help kids stay upright against gravity and develop stronger balance, equilibrium, and coordination.

The Swing Pod is an activity that can be enjoyed by all and is one of the most popular areas at Play for All Abilities Park in Round Rock TX. It was designed as a community effort to provide playground opportunities for children with disabilities. It was created with the vision of Kenneth Seymore, a Round Rock citizen with a son who is wheelchair-bound. He and his family worked tirelessly to make the dream of a playground come to fruition.

Retreat Pod

The Retreat Pod, featuring the largest molded swivel swing in the world, is one of the most popular areas at Play for All Abilities Park in Round Rock TX. Its small size and awe-inspiring features (like a full-height treehouse) make it a top destination for families with special needs children in the area. It is also the most impressive of all the new park features. It is no surprise that this new playground has won numerous awards and accolades. More places to also visit by clicking here.

Rock Band Pod

The Rock Band Pod is the perfect spot for a child with autism or other disabilities to enjoy music. The band consists of a variety of instruments on a stage with lawn seating for a performance-like setting that facilitates social interaction, non-verbal communication, and confidence-building. This pod also aids in developing core strength, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive skills.

The Play for All Abilities Park is an innovative 51,000 square feet park that offers a wide range of unique play opportunities designed to stimulate and encourage the development of several skill sets such as gross motor skills, social interaction, sense of discovery, and creativity. It also has a slew of other features that are sure to delight children with special needs and their families. With everything from a state-of-the-art swing set to an interactive water slide and other exciting activities, the Park for All Abilities is a fantastic place to spend some quality time together with your child.

Life Skills Area

The Life Skills Area at Play for All Abilities Park Round Rock TX is a unique park that encourages children with disabilities to interact, explore, learn, and grow. The pods in the Life Skills Area are designed to help children develop sensory processing, motor skills, and core strength. This area is one of the most popular areas in the park and includes a Swing Pod with several different swing bays including a wheelchair swing, molded swivel swing, belt swing, bucket swing, saucer swing, and companion swing.

The design of this one-of-a-kind playground was a community-wide effort with input from professionals in medical, educational, and design fields who specialize in working with children with special needs. This public-private partnership helped make the Play for All Abilities Park a reality in 2012 and now it has welcomed over 3,000,000 visitors from Central Texas and beyond since then. It is a must-see playground! You will not regret your visit. Next blog post.



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