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Sunroom Installation & Enclosure Development

A patio enclosure or sunroom can prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment where you’ll see the benefits of it firsthand almost immediately. If it’s raining and you’re debating on rescheduling your party you’ve been planning for months, there’s no need when you have an enclosed sunroom! Trying to have a moment outside with some fresh air yet not wanting full sun exposure? Try an enclosed sunroom and see the difference it can make in your life. The contractors at Americraft Siding & Windows have years of experience, and can ensure the sunroom construction process is efficient, affordable, and even fun!

What You Can Expect From Americraft Siding & Windows

  • Quality Siding and Window Installations
  • Service Across Southeastern Texas
  • Custom Enclosures That Fit Your Home
  • Beautiful Sunrooms That Increase the Value of Your Home
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Affordable and Timely Services
Adds Additional Living Space
Lets in Natural Light
Perfect Spot For Growing Plants
Experience the Outdoors Without the Bugs

Enhance Your Home With a Beautiful Patio Enclosure or Sunroom

A patio is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, but when the area isn’t covered or enclosed at all, it can be pretty uncomfortable — especially in the hot, Texas climate. Americraft Siding & Windows offers patio covers, as well as patio enclosure and sunroom installations.

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

A sunroom implies that the area is enclosed with a rigid frame and windows. You can choose the style of window, whether it’s fixed, sliding, or another type. A sunroom can be heated and cooled using the same HVAC system as your home, if you wish it to be.

A patio enclosure, on the other hand, is typically enclosed with a mesh screen, curtains, or some other material that allows outside air into the space. The temperature inside a patio enclosure cannot be regulated, but it still keeps mosquitos and other bugs out.

Whichever you want for your home, you can count on our team of contractors to get the job done right

Custom Enclosures For Your Texas Home

Whether you choose a fully enclosed sunroom or a patio enclosure that allows you to breathe in fresh air, the team at Americraft Siding & Windows offer professional installations. The Texas climate can be brutal, but we love to provide clients with a space that can keep them protected from the elements.

Americraft Siding & Windows offers complete home improvement services, including decks, pergolas, siding installations, and more, to the entire southeastern Texas region. Find a location near you, and call us today to schedule a consultation.


  • Amazing results!

    Ismael Burgos-De Bear Avatar Ismael Burgos-De Bear

    They did excellent work and were very quick about it. It took a little while to manufacture the glass though as I believe they had an order backlog.

    John Hanley Avatar John Hanley

    Great crew. Wonderful job!

    sherrill patterson Avatar sherrill patterson
  • The Americraft workers were friendly and efficient, and they know their craft well. I highly recommend them.

    Florence Weinberg Avatar Florence Weinberg

    Americraft installed vinyl siding on the entire house and did a great job, it really improved the appearance of the house. They also repaired rotten wood and fixtures they had to remove to cover the outside walls. I am really impressed with how much better the house looks. I also had Americraft install a carport on the side of the house. That really turned out well and protects the vehicles. Also, the repair personnel were very courteous and professional. They really went above and beyond to do a good job. I would recommend Americraft to do a good job for you. We were so impressed we ordered a porch enclosure to be installed; everyone is now awaiting items to come in to do the install.

    cdowling Avatar cdowling

    Between Covid and supply chain issues, arrival of my windows took longer than anticipated. The wait, however, was well worth it. My hope was to let the light in, but keep the heat out. The results are fabulous, even in the midst of a heat wave. Once the windows arrived, installation was fast but meticulous, and service from corporate to local was swift and heartfelt. In looking at all they can provide a homeowner, my next project will likely be flooring; and when it fits my budget, I'll be calling on Americraft for the 3rd time

    Richard S Avatar Richard S
  • Americraft did a great on our new window installation. We're already seeing the benefits on our energy bill. Our sales guy Rick was professional and had a great sense of humor. Easy person to communicate with. The installation guys were quick, but not at the expense of the quality of work. I would highly recommend.

    Darryl Blanton Avatar Darryl Blanton

    They were very professional, competent and do great work.

    Janice Hempel Avatar Janice Hempel

    Great quality modern windows. Responsible throughout and after. Highly pleased.

    Miguel Briseno Avatar Miguel Briseno